About Us

Stop Sexual Assault in Schools (SSAIS)

Students Against Sexual Harassment, or SASH Club, is a project of Stop Sexual Assault in Schools  (stopsexualassaultinschools.org), a nonprofit created in 2015 to address sexual harassment and sexual assault in K-12 schools.  SSAIS educates students, families, and schools about the right to an equal education free from sexual harassment. SSAIS proactively addresses the epidemic of traumatic sexual harassment impacting our nation’s students.

SSAIS is comprised of advocates, assault survivors and their families, academics, legal and sexual assault experts, teachers, parents, students, and everyday citizens who are passionate about youth well-being and education equity.

Students Against Sexual Harassment (SASH Club)

Created in 2021, SASH Club is a new, national youth peer-to-peer education and prevention project targeting the problem of youth sexual harassment and assault. The mission of SASH Club is to bring together and empower to young people — of all genders, races, ethnicities, and orientations — to end sexual harassment and assault.

We do this by providing youth with ready-to-use-tools, resources, and structure to encourage the formation of peer groups to address the problem of sexual harassment and assault in their community. Our approach encourages dialogue and offers a supportive environment for survivors of sexual violence. All SASH Club tools are free for non-profit educational purposes and require no registration.

We provide a ready-to-use startup kit to form a local SASH Club chapter in any school or community setting. SASH Club is a place where youth can ask questions, share opinions, support one another, and make friends all while working together to end sexual harassment and assault in their school and community.

Our broad array of educational presentations — SASH Club Power Topics — are available for peer education. We encourage SASH Club chapters to plan activities in the school or community to educate others and promote cultural change. We strongly recommend adult advisors assist and guide SASH Club chapters.

It is not necessary to form a SASH Club chapter to use these educational tools.  Anyone can visit the SASH Club site and utilize these resources for peer-to-peer or adult-to-peer education.

SASH Club launched nationally in August 2021 following a successful year-long pilot program.  It is guided by the experienced advocates, academics, legal and sexual assault experts, and student advocates affiliated with the nonprofit Stop Sexual Assault in Schools.