Start a SASH Club Chapter

SASH Club is a place where youth can ask questions, share opinions, support one another, and make friends — all while working together to end sexual harassment and assault in their school and community.

SASH Club is designed for youth aged 13 years and older.  It may be hosted by a school, youth organization, community group, scouting or a youth faith-based organization, or have no connection to any organization. You can even form a virtual SASH Club and organize completely online.

If you want to start a SASH Club chapter, initiate the conversation with others in your school or group, and contact us with any questions. Download and share the How to Start a SASH Club Guide for more details.

SASH Club chapter leaders can choose from the many downloadable SASH Club Power Topics presentations to further the discussion about ending sexual harassment and assault. Use our suggested order or choose the topics most important to you.  Your club can organize activities to share what you’ve learned with others and take action to make positive change in your community. Please read the How to Start a SASH Club Guide for more details.

We encourage you to register your SASH Club with us (below) to receive important updates and news, but registration isn’t required to start a SASH Club or use the materials.

SASH Club Startup Kit

GUIDE: How to Start a SASH Club

INTRODUCTORY PRESENTATION: Present at a student club open house or post online to announce your SASH Club chapter and recruit members

FLYER: Announce your SASH Club chapter and recruit members


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